What Is Anorexia Nervosa and Symptoms of Anorexia?

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For anyone who is wondering what is anorexia nervosa and what are the symptoms of anorexia could be in for a shock, because the symptoms are wide and varied as are the reasons for people succumbing to the illness. In short, it is an eating disorder that makes people mistakenly they believe that they are overweight and they need to lose a lot as soon as possible. The reality is that they are far from overweight, but what they see in the mirror is vastly different from what everyone else sees in real life.

Anorexia Nervosa Definition

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To understand the illness it is best to have an anorexia nervosa definition that is easy to understand. It is classed as a mental health condition rather than a physical one although there are clearly physical symptoms to it and if not successfully treated, can be fatal. The image of the body is totally distorted and a person who is painfully thin will think that they are overweight and continue to starve themselves often to death.

Anorexia Facts and Anorexia Symptoms

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There are a lot of anorexia facts that are well known, but there are also some that will be surprising. Women make up the majority of anorexia sufferers, but there are more and more men falling victim to it. The anorexic person thinks that they are a lot heavier than they are and no amount of discussions will make them see anything different. They can see themselves as little more than skin and bone, and not only will they think it looks attractive, but will want to lose more weight. Anorexia symptoms are often noticed when the person is around 14 years of age and their body shape is changing naturally. It will be professions were fitness and appearance will be vitally important including dancers and sports people.

Anorexia Sintomas

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There are many anorexia sintomas and not all of them will be as noticeable as others with incredibly quick weight loss being the main one. Although others will see the problems there will still be more dieting and an over the top need to know what they are eating and all about the calories. There will be the fear of putting on weight and unusual eating habits. Often the sufferer will make themselves ill as soon as they have eaten, so family members will just see them eating and not knowing what they do next. There will also be secret eating and purging, and also a lot of lies will be told about what has been eaten during the day. Even when weight is still being lost, there can be bouts of depression as the belief is that it is not being lost quickly enough. Further medical practices such as the use of laxatives will lead to illness and fatigue and social interaction can become a thing of the past. Real illness will hit eventually and this can include an inability to deal with the cold, decaying teeth, constipation and anaemia.

Anorexia Stories and Anorexia Pictures

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The past 20 years or more have been full of anorexia stories and are as likely to be about a world famous person as it is a normal person. Karen Carpenter was a famous anorexic and her amazing career and her life were cut short by the disease. She seemed to have everything but she could not control her anorexia. Sally Field also suffered from anorexia but was able to control it in the end and get on with her life and career. Even Lady GaGa who may seem to be fully in control of everything in her life had her own struggles at the age of 15 although fortunately she also managed to overcome them and is now enjoying a great career. In the hope to prevent more young people going down the path of anorexia there have been a lot of anorexia pictures shown, including a billboard campaign in Italy showing the French model Isabella Caro, and how she looked as a result of the disease. Many newspapers will also show photographs in an attempt to scare young people into eating properly, but for some they just become something to aim for.

Anorexia Quotes

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It has become more common place to discuss battles with anorexia and as a result, there is a lot of advice given by people who have been gripped by anorexia and yet have found their way towards recovery. Anorexia quotes are made in the hope that it will prevent new cases and give hope to those already gripped. Laurie Halse Anderson describes it as needing time to improve, not a thing that will go away for good, but how a small step can eventually lead to the mirror not being that important anymore. Portia Rossi has said that recovery does not seem good but is more like failure. She is not getting better but giving up, although clearly the opposite will be true.

Anorexia Tips And Ways to Get Better

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One of the main anorexia tips will be not to give in, but to keep going day by day until it is possible to eat the sort of meal that anyone could eat and firstly not feel guilty about it and secondly not bring it back up again. Help is available and there are a number of ways to beat anorexia. If it has been a long term process, medical help will probably best, but if it has not gone too far there may be ways to beat it without doctors. This will tend to be when it has only been happening for a couple of months and not a great deal of weight has been lost. Recovered anorexics promote talking to friends and having them help you – eat together and allowing them to talk you through the desire to be sick. Try to get back to an eating schedule- if possible three meals a day and eating a wide range of food to find what you really enjoy. As there is often a reason why anorexia starts, it will be a good idea to get to the bottom of this so as the cycle does not start again.

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